Top 7 FAQs about Decluttering asked on Google.

These are the top 7 FAQs about Decluttering asked on Google.

1.  Why can’t I declutter?

Sometimes we struggle to declutter because living with lots of stuff makes us feel safe and secure.

When you declutter and get rid of things, it makes you think ‘I can’t throw it out, I might need it one day, so I better keep it or reuse it”.

It is that mindset that you’re not going to have enough when you need it.

We tend to keep things even if they need fixing or don’t use them if it’s in a draw or out of sight.

Having items and being materialistic is a sense of security, which is a big misconception.

2.  What is the easiest method of decluttering.

Spend 10/20 minutes, start in one area, anything that is quick and easy to clean up, e.g. the floor or table. Then the next day, do something else, e.g. one drawer or a shelf, etc.

Put things to keep, recycle in a pile and put the rubbish in the bin.

A bit each day, you will finish decluttering in no time.

3.  How to start decluttering when overwhelmed?

When you are overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your home, it can be challenging to start decluttering.

However, there is a simple trick that has worked for many people!

Put the music on.
Start the easiest method above.

Don’t pull everything from everywhere at the same time. It will become one big heap and too overwhelming, and you will lose interest.

The idea is to do maybe 10/20 minutes a day or 20/40 twice a week.

While listening to good music, time will go fast when you get stuck in it.           

Just don’t overdo it!

4.  Is decluttering really good for you?

Decluttering is the best thing you can do for yourself to feel good. It sets you free of the emotional feelings you have with particular items.

You will feel less stressed and more in control.

5. Where do I start decluttering?


Start with what matters most or the easiest.

Declutter your closet first, then move on to other areas room-by-room as necessary.

FAQs about decluttering

6.  When should I declutter?

Whenever is convenient for YOU!

When you’re in the mood or have the motivation, you can feel much better about yourself.

Nobody ever says it’s not a good feeling after decluttering.

7. What are the Benefits of decluttering?

Cleaning becomes manageable and accessible.

Easier to find things when items are organised and have a place.

Any area looks spacious when everything is neat, minimal and clean.

You can release any emotional baggage from your mind.

Cutting down on possessions may give you a sense of freedom.

A clean environment can significantly impact our mental health and well-being.

Feel better in general in all ways, your body, mind and soul.

Have time for other activities you like to do and things that make you happy.

FAQs decluttering

Nobody ever feels worse after decluttering!

For more information on decluttering, go to Want to Feel Free? Discard excess clutter and the emotional baggage it holds.

If you have a question/s that’s not on the list of the most FAQs about decluttering, please get in touch with me and answer them.

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