Uranus Retrograde Energy Starts Today, 24 August, And Is About Reflecting On Your Freedom and Truth.

Uranus retrograde energy

Uranus Retrograde energy is in the sign of Taurus which starts today, 24 August to 22 January 2023.

You may already have been feeling the effects as Uranus has been in pre-retrograde since 7 May.  The post-transit where the energy declines and will be cleared by 10 May 2023.

Retrogrades are known for being bad and scary, causing confusion and sometimes giving us unwelcomed blasts from the past.

Also, a time for us to slow down, take time for ourselves, and do some inner work and deep introspection that is specific to the planet in retrograde and the astrological sign it is transiting.

We have five transpersonal planets all in retrograde which means a lot of spiritual consciousness and evolution behind the scenes of our personal lives and society at large.

When you understand the energies and know how to work with them and then align with their flow, you will be ready for any experiences that come forth and life won’t give you any more than you can handle. 

Out of all the planetary retrogrades, Uranus is one of the most positive.

Uranus Related Topics

Independence, freedom, originality and genius, individualism, expected, sudden and unpredictable changes, rebelliousness, electricity, cosmic consciousness, transformation, the divine will, plus inventions.

Uranus is the planet of destiny and is the only planetary energy you cannot control. The only thing you can control is your reaction to it.

Also, represents intuition that comes from knowingness. 

It is known as the Awakener and sends us energy to bring on changes in our lives from the old patterns and concepts to new and better patterns.

Even with benefit aspects, Uranus changes are often disruptive so it destroys the ruts in which we can get stuck and sets us free. 

Uranus governs society and collective and individual consciousness.

Being and living positively is essential, below are the positive ways to use Uranus energy, and keep in mind the negative ways. Remember to be conscious of these words for this Uranus Retrograde energy.

IdealismUniversal LoveDetachment

Crystals for Uranus Retrograde Energy

Crystals are a secret weapon to get through trying times and negative energy.

Each crystal can offer different kinds of comfort, and help you focus on what you want to avoid or achieve at every retrograde.

Clear Quartz  

This is considered a master healer for any condition.

Brings out openness to different possibilities and energies, good for incoming opportunities of unexpected nature.

Learn more about Clear Quartz’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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Is known as The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Magician’s Stone. 

It helps you develop inner strength to support an introspective journey.  

Helps with change.

Learn more about Nuummite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.


Helps with connecting with the higher realms and guides you in your spiritual development.

It has calming effects and maybe a loving embrace from the universe.

Learn more about Celestite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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It helps with detoxifying both physically and emotionally.

Helps with vitality and positivity.

Releases fear and anger.

Also attracts abundance and prosperity.

Learn more about Citrine’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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Helps with grounding and balancing energy.

Used for worry, stress, and anxiety.

Absorbs negative energy.

Harmonized your body, mind, and spirit.

Learn more about Hematite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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Uranus Retrograde Energy

The Uranus retrograde energy can throw our balance and judgment completely off.

Make sure you’re not acting on your impulses, so be mindful of your behaviours.

It’s a time to process the paradigm shifts and sudden changes that have taken place in the past year.  

Slow down and get conscious about your every move because your impact is everything.

The Uranus retrograde energy might make you have more feelings of freedom and independence for yourself, also your relationships with loved ones and friends.

The Uranus retrograde energy means we are in for some much-needed change, for us to go in the right direction, but it should be slow and subtle.

At this time we may be less willing and inclined to make changes as any kind of change can be scary but change is always inevitable.  

The good thing though is that we should avoid making too many changes and it’s good to have someone by your side if you need to.

It’s not a good time to start new activities but rather continue any changes or activities that are already in place or take action with what you have been thinking about doing but haven’t.


The Uranus retrograde energy wants to create change with the foundations that we have built. 

Those initial foundations may not be serving us anymore and therefore need to change as we need to evolve and grow in different ways.

You may start to question things, especially those relationships that don’t allow you to be your true self.

When our energy levels are down, this is the best time to embrace the rebellion and revolution in a more internal way.   Understanding matters on a deeper level, you may tap into a part of yourself you’ve kept hidden or may adopt a new perspective to view the world.

The Uranus retrograde energy is about positive transformations!

What do you want?  How can you get it?  Are you being true to yourself?  

Transformations can be confusing, challenging, and tiring especially at this retrograde so it is important to stay healthy, rested, and grounded.

When it comes to love, the energy from Uranus can make our sensuality more electric.    So, if you are in a relationship, it’s time to renew your passion and make your sex life more exciting.  If you are single, you may be getting closer to your desires or maybe divulge them to someone.

Any community work is great at this time as Uranus retrograde energy favours group actions.


Uranus retrograde energy influences technology, so be prepared for progress to be slow, maybe grinding to a halt. 

When problems occur with technology don’t get upset, just accept it and try another time. 

Doing it this way will save you time and energy.

Uranus In Your Birth Chart

Finding out which sign Uranus is in your birth chart and the traits of that Astrological sign can be helpful for you.  

Also, it can determine the variance of influence of this Uranus retrograde energy.

Jupiter in your birth chart

You may re-evaluate or get clarity on which direction to go in.

If you want to know what specific area of your life you need Uranus’s guidance, check what house Uranus is located in your birth chart.

With Uranus being a slow-moving planet, your house position is very important as it stays in a sign for seven years. 

NOTE: if you don’t have your time of birth on your Birth Chart Report the House information is not available. 

Your birth chart gives you other information that can physically help you with why you do certain things, etc, and help you with any self-work you may need to do.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but this saying is false, Life can be easy if you know how.  We have free will to do anything we want at any time but we have it in our heads that certain things or people hold us back from doing want we want.  That’s not the case at all.

All our experiences are learning curves for us to grow and change things to suit ourselves for what we want in life.  

The best things happen to us when we extend from our comfort zone and go through difficulties and challenges.  This is scary for most of us because we have fear of failing, or not knowing the outcome. 

This hurdle we have to climb and the more times we do it the easier it becomes. 

Also, having faith and believing in yourself helps immensely.

When we know the exact time (the Universal time) when to do certain things the energy in the air helps us and we can achieve things much easier.

Uranus retrograde energy can be beneficial to us if we take advantage of the more objective perspective on the things you might experience during this period.   See things as they truly are!

If questions arise about your present life and lead you to want or need a new path, consider how changes that are needed are going to be done before beginning any actions.

So you have plenty of time to devise a plan, access new tools, or reinvent some of the old tools you have.  Make sure that everything is aligned and you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

Once Uranus retrograde energy is over, starting anew is the ideal time.

When Uranus goes direct, hang on to your seat as this planet is known to shake things up and prompt major changes, individually and on a global scale. 

Let the heart guide the way!

Good luck with the Uranus Retrograde energy!

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