Use the Moon Energy To Your Advantage

The moon energy can be beneficial in guiding us towards achieving what we want in life and making the process a lot easier.

It also helps illuminate important lessons in the process along the way.

The moon luna cycle is explained below with the energy that will help you every step of the way.

Moon Energy

When we align ourselves with the moon’s energy, we can decide when to focus more on reflecting, planning, executing, resting and more.

The end result is becoming more productive and achieving anything in life.

Today, I feel stronger, learning to live with in the natural cycles of a day and to not expect too much of myself. As women, we hold the moon in our bellies. It is too much to ask to operate on full moon energy 365 days a year. I am in a crescent phase. 

– Terry tempest Williams

moon energy can help with fixing your chaos

The four main moon phases below take about on average 7.38 days, but this can differ because of the position of the sun and, of course, the number of days in the month. The whole cycle takes 29/30 days.

When the moon physically peaks, it only happens for a short time and then moves on quickly. However, the energy of the moon is very potent when it peaks and 8 hours afterwards but is still around for the next 2 days. This gives us enough time to do our Moon rituals.

It is said that the energy of the moon can be felt 3 days prior to and following the peak time.


On the new moon, energy is at the lowest in the cycle; we too can feel a bit low towards our needs.

It brings with it rebirth, a clean slate and an intensely magical time.

A potential opportunity for making our dreams come true.

This is the ideal time for starting anything new, e.g. projects, jobs, habits, etc.

Start planting the seeds for anything you would like to grow and prosper.  

An excellent time for setting intentions for the things you want to manifest.

This is a desirable time to make some wishes.

Planning the steps and details of goals you want to achieve.

The best way to do this is by physically writing them down, in detail.

Remember: It is important to be practical and not overzealous with our lists, so it should be at least two but no more than ten.)


The waxing moon occurs between the new and full moon.

waxing moon

As the moon slowly builds up momentum, increasing each quarter, this energy can work for us.

This phase is reminding us that we must still keep working towards whatever it is that we want.

It is the ideal time for drawing things towards you, building up courage, and focusing on the actions for achieving your intentions and goals.

If you can’t take practical steps, spend time meditating on the question you’re asking about and allow your higher self to download information to you about your next best step. So you must keep the faith!

As the luminous light grows, so too will the energy it holds, helping us with the growing effectiveness of our work.

Halfway through this stage, we have the First Quarter Moon; this is the time hurdles or challenges begin to surface, having said that, at this time we are also building up our confidence and commitment to keep going forward.

Just before the moon is full, we have the Gibbous Moon, which is time to do any tweaking, adjustments and then, point towards the end.


The full moon is when the moonlight is at its peak, illuminating fully.

This is when the energy is at its highest, so it’s time for us to complete our intentions and goals you started during the new moon.

It’s time to reap the rewards from all the work you’ve done.

The moon’s lunar cycle can be beneficial in guiding us towards achieving what we want in life and illuminates important lessons in the process.

moon lunar cycle

Time to take a break by reflecting on your achievements, self-reflection and spiritual cleansing (forgiveness and gratitude).

The full moon’s powerful energy illuminates upon anything that hasn’t been working for you, in all aspects of your life and makes us see things a lot clearer.

Release anything that no longer serves you.

This is an excellent time for setting intentions and what you want to manifest.  


The waning moon occurs between the full and new moon.

waning moon

The luminous light gradually diminishes each quarter so too does our energy.

Time to wind down, relax, accept, go with the flow and re-group.

During this phase, it’s ideal for cleansing your body and implementing new habits or letting go of what no longer serves you.

Halfway through this stage, we have the third-quarter moon which is time to re-evaluate, get balanced and trust.

When the last quarter is showing, it is time for any healing, soothing and surrendering.

Then, the moon disappears from view, and so too does another cycle, which draws to a close.

Whatever didn’t get done or finished, we have another opportunity to do it and receive fresh creative ideas and goals.

We have the energy of this beautiful moon cycle twelve times a year, helping and encouraging us along the way.

There is no easier way other than to align yourself with the next new moon!

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