Use The Powerful Full Moon’s Energy Effects For A Desired Life

On the full moon is the Earth positioned between the Sun and the Moon which occurs roughly two weeks (14 days) after the New Moon.

The full moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. 

You can access the power of the full moon’s energy for about a week: three days before the full moon, on the day, and three days after. This gives you a wide window within which to plan a personal ritual or a group gathering.

The full moon is always directly opposite to the sun’s position.  It is believed that the full moon’s energy effects are positive and negative, depending on how we approach it.  Therefore, we should strive to find harmony between the two opposing illuminated astrological signs that come with a full moon.  

When we create a balance between the sun’s position and the full moon’s energy effects, we can become better in tune with our inner selves and gain insight into our lives.  This can make us more aware of our strengths, weaknesses and potential for growth.

This article will give you all the need-to-know info about the amazing full moon’s energy and its effects on us.

The Moon Represents 

The Moon is associated with enlightenment and illumination and our conscious and subconscious.  After all, the Moon does shine down on us all and illuminates the dark.

The moon is an emblem of the passage of time and a representation of the recurrent patterns that exist within our lives.

During the alignment of the moon with the sun, we receive the energy of growth, opportunity, and the characteristics of the astrological sign it is in.

The moon symbolizes femininity, eternity, darkness, mystery, renewal time and transition. 

The feminine energy represents the softer energies, receiving, and surrender.

The moon has a powerful sway not only over the ocean’s tides but also on the emotions and behaviours of both humans and animals.

In astrology, the moon signifies the soul, reflection on our inner knowledge, rejuvenation, adaptation and manifestation.

The new moon marks the start of the lunar cycle, while the full moon is the end of the cycle and a moment to reap the rewards of one’s labour.

Why Work With The Full moon?

The Moon is a celestial body that is said to influence many areas of human life.

The Full moon’s energy illuminates our inner world and reveals to us what we’re hanging onto so that we can take steps to maintain balance.

Also, accessing the Divine Feminine is about empowerment, NOT wallowing in a state of victimhood. 

The Full moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfilment of that which was started at the New Moon. 

The full moon’s energy can be felt during a period of strong emotion, romance, and connection. It is a time when unions are formed and fertility is increased.

As the moon becomes completely visible to us on earth, we can see everything clearly.

Full Moon’s Energy

The full moon’s energy is intense and powerful with the most potent time being eight hours after the full moon has peaked.  But can be harnessed two days leading up to and following the full moon’s peak time.

full moon's energy

The full moon is a reminder that energy is constantly shifting, and encourages us to use this time to reflect on the patterns in our lives and make shifts as needed.

This full moon’s energy can be utilized to set up positive intentions, fulfill our aspirations and arrange ourselves in line with what we want to accomplish, tasks that have yet to be finished or ventures and circumstances.  To be prepared when the next new moon arrives, one should be set to embark on something fresh and progress.

Any work should be handwritten on paper (Journal) as this adds a personal touch that makes the process more effective.  

Lists should be kept to a maximum of ten.

Prepare To Feel Illuminated


As the full moon illuminates the sky with its bright, bold appearance and the full moon’s energy is there for the taking, available to anybody and it’s free!

Our minds and intuition are illuminated as well things will be exposed and illuminated, prompting us to get in touch with those things in our personal lives that we may have been neglecting or putting off.

What thoughts and feelings are coming up to the surface?

Full Moon's illuminated effect

Put faith in the answers you receive then reflect on how you can make these things happen.


The full moon’s energy makes us feel energised with its captivating and illuminating presence.  Its effect on us is enigmatic, yet undeniable. 

Full Moon's energised effect

It has been known to bring out the best in people, encouraging them to strive for greater heights and helping them to break through the mundane. 

The power of the full moon’s energy can be harnessed to make positive changes in our lives and help us reach our goals.

As for physical activity, it depends on how you react to the Full moon. 

If you are feeling particularly energetic and have the capacity for more stamina, you may want to give a different exercise class a try or push yourself further during this period.

If you’re feeling exhausted, it’s wise to take a step back and do something calming such as Restorative Yoga.

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions on a full moon is an incredible way to manifest your dreams and goals. 

It’s a powerful time to align yourself with the universe and harness its energy to help you achieve what you intend. 

A full moon’s energy provides strong, supportive energy that can help bring clarity and focus to your intentions. 

Through the combination of setting intentions and the power of the full moon, you can create lasting positive change in your life.

Utilizing the Full moon is an effective way to make your intentions known. It can often result in them being fulfilled quickly. Just make sure that your motives are benevolent and beneficial for everyone affected. 

However, as with everything, make sure that your heart is in the right place and that your intentions are for the highest good of all involved.

As the moonlight gradually diminishes after the Full moon, you can use it as an opportunity to symbolically let go.  Release anything that is no longer serving you.

To create your intention statement, begin by writing down your goal, then add a few more descriptive words that describe the feeling of achieving it.  

Read it aloud on the full moon and set the intention of manifesting it in reality. 

Intention Setting for a full moon ritual

This process of writing intentions on a full moon is a powerful practice that can help you to bring your goals to fruition.

Break Bad Habits

You can release or let go of any habits that you know are not working anymore.

The habits we have could be causing us to keep attracting the same toxic relationship or situations.  

To replace old habits with good habits, we need to release the old ones first.  And to experience something different, we need to think differently and have different actions.  

This can be achieved with the full moon’s energy.

Great Sex  

The luminosity of a full moon can enhance sexual encounters by increasing the sexual arousal and pleasure of those involved.

Full moon's effect great sex

The full moon’s energy helps us reconnect with our partner, make us feel sexier and add an extra level of excitement and pleasure to your relationship, making it even more memorable.

Create a cosy atmosphere and stay in tune with your physical sensations to increase your energy level so the intimate moments can be intense and gratifying.  Did you know that orgasms are more intense as a result of the fullest moon and the energy it emits?

Sometimes we have problems with sleeping because of the illumination of the full moon so what better way than to explore the pleasure of sex?

We can also set our intentions as a couple so whatever we want to improve in our relationship, put it out there!

Setting an intention is when you consciously choose something – it could be a direction you want to go in, an opportunity, feeling or experience you want.

Fruition and Harvesting

The full moon has been a source of mystery and its energy can be used to bring things to realization and yield results.

The full moon is thought to hold abundant energy that can be used to bring about desired actions. 

Full moon's effect of fruition

Harnessing this energy for positive outcomes requires focus, dedication, and determination. 

It is important to remember that when using the power of the full moon, you must be clear in your intentions and be prepared for any outcome. 

Ultimately, with the full moon’s energy, you can create something out of nothing and make something come to fruition.

It is a time to celebrate the successes, big and small and be grateful for them.

Heightened Good and Bad Emotions

The full moon’s energy makes us more emotional than usual.

Full Moon's effect of heightened emotions

In astrology, the moon rules our emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities, so when it is in a heightened state, we are more apt to experience our feelings intensely or chaotically.

The power of our emotions and susceptibility to them can have both positive and negative effects, making us and those around us more fragile.

However, the presence of the full moon should not be used as an excuse to be uncivil towards others. 

Understanding the energies of the Moon does not justify being rude or an excuse for inexcusable behaviour.

Completions and Endings 

The full moon’s energy is about completions and endings, it signifies that it’s time to complete or end something for us to make room for something new. 

Also, allowing us to take stock of our progress and look at where we can still make changes and adjustments. 

It’s a chance for us to tackle our goals with a renewed sense of focus and determination. 

This is the time to take advantage of the full moon’s energy and use it to create positive and lasting change.

The full moon is for ending or finishing things to prepare for the new moon. This is two weeks after the full moon has appeared and gives you time to organise yourself. 

In essence, allowing us to move forward.

Full Moon's effect of completion

These can be good things you want to happen or unexpected situations that make it difficult to avoid chaos.


The Full moon is the time for reflection on all aspects of our life.

It is a moment to pause and be mindful of the journey we have taken thus far, allowing us to gain clarity and perspective on our accomplishments, mistakes, and relationships. 

Taking this time for self-reflection can help us gain insight into how we can live our lives more intentionally and make more meaningful decisions going forward.


The full moon is an invitation for us to reflect on our lives and check in with ourselves. 

It is a reminder to take stock of what is no longer serving us and to let go of things that are holding us back from being our best selves. 

The full moon’s energy can also help us make changes in our lives that will ultimately lead to growth and transformation.  By embracing the power of the full moon, we can create powerful shifts in our lives and manifest the best possible version of ourselves.

The full moon is an important reminder for us to take a step back and reflect on where we are in our lives and where we want to be.  Taking the time to pause and reflect allows us to develop clarity on our vision and direction. 

During this time of reflection, it is important to consider our current life situation, our behaviour, and how it affects our goals and objectives.  This will provide the necessary information to help us make the right decisions that will ultimately lead towards our desired future state.  By reflecting on where we are in our life, we can find clarity and purpose as we move forward.

This full moon’s energy helps us release any limiting beliefs, habits and people that are no longer serving our growth.  As the full moon represents a powerful period of reflection and renewal, it is the ideal time to make a conscious decision to let go of things that are holding you back and move forward with newfound clarity.  Doing so will help create room for positive change in your life and make room for something new.

The best time to do this is when the moon turns full, whatever time it is where you are. I have included the Perth, Australia, times but please check the GMT for your specific time in your location.

Reveals Something Hidden 

The Full moon’s energy has a powerful force that can bring a sense of unpredictability, as it reveals secrets and brings things out of hiding and into the light.  It can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on what is revealed. 

We can receive clarity on matters that have been long obscured and can help uncover the truth.  It can also create chaos, as it changes perspectives and reveals hidden facts.

Obstacles to achieving goals can often be identified and steps needed to overcome them. 

Achieving goals can be difficult, but with determination, focus and the right attitude, anything is possible. 

reveal something hidden

For example, if a goal is financially or logistically challenging, breaking it down into smaller achievable milestones can help make progress. Additionally, seeking advice or researching how to help stay on track or provide insight can also be beneficial. 

Observing your Results

This practice of observing the full moon can bring immense clarity to our lives, as it allows us to reflect on our successes and our losses and to understand how we can create a better future.   

Paying attention to the results to determine effectiveness is essential in this process. Keep in mind that simply letting go of unhelpful beliefs and habits can lead to shifts and changes in your external world. 

Embrace this power of the full moon and observe how the changes manifest in your life.  I encourage you to explore this practice and use it as an essential tool for self-growth, gaining insight into yourself and the world around you.

More Social

This full moon’s energy has an incredible power to energise and motivate us, making us more active and outgoing.

We should take this opportunity to be sociable and make the most of it. 

Taking part in social activities can be a great way to relax and enjoy ourselves while taking advantage of the full moon’s energy. 

Therefore, it is important to embrace the full moon’s energy and use it as an opportunity to stay socially connected with friends and family.

We’re more likely to focus our energy on relationships and interpersonal issues due to the importance of having strong interpersonal connections and relationships.

These connections and relationships are key for business success, as well as for our well-being.  With the right people in our lives, we can achieve anything, so it is important to put effort into maintaining strong connections.

Insomnia or Less Sleep

The full moon’s energy can cause us to feel more energized and this could also mean that we may take longer to fall asleep, sleep fewer hours, and sleep less deeply. 

Full moon's effect of insomnia

This is due to the light of the full moon disrupting our natural rhythm and making it harder to fall asleep.  As a result, it is important to create a sleep environment that is dark and free from distractions, to counteract the wakefulness caused by the full moon. 

It is also good to limit exposure to bright lights, such as laptops and phones, before bedtime.  Try some relaxation techniques like meditation before going to bed.  By taking these steps, you can help ensure that you can get a good night’s sleep even on nights when the full moon is present.

Once you do fall asleep, you may be more likely to have intense dreams or nightmares.  However, these nightmarish dreams can be a form of release for any stress or worries you have acquired throughout the day and can be beneficial in helping you cope and work through your issues.  Therefore, it is important to remember that intense dreams or nightmares are a normal part of getting quality sleep.

Note: If you suffer from insomnia all the time it can cause serious physical and mental health problems.  Insomnia can lead to fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating during the day.  It can also interfere with your ability to perform daily activities, affect your work performance, and disrupt your social relationships.  Long-term insomnia can even increase your risk of developing chronic medical conditions, such as depression or anxiety. 

If you’re experiencing signs of insomnia, consult a doctor who can help you identify the underlying cause and provide treatment options that best fit your lifestyle.


The full moon’s energy can assist us in liberating ourselves from items and situations that are no longer beneficial to us.

We can use this energy to break free from old patterns, nurture our relationships, and re-energize ourselves.


Taking the time to reflect on what we want to keep and what we want to let go of can give us a new perspective on how we want our lives to look and then we can embark on the journey of creating something new.

The full moon is a symbol of transformation and renewal, so we use our newfound clarity to move forward with purpose and intention towards creating a more fulfilling life. 

Although change can be difficult, it is an essential part of growth and evolution. 

With the full moon’s energy, we have access to unlimited potential for growth, transformation, and self-discovery.

Releasing or letting go of these things can help us become more connected to ourselves and our true purpose. 

What NOT to do during the Full moon?

  • Start something new.
  • Make life-changing decisions.
  • Overwork or overstress.
  • Deliver bad news.
  • Drink more alcohol than you usually would. 
  • Do drugs of any kind.
  • Expose yourself to negative people or situations.

It is highly recommended that one avoids engaging in any risky activities during a Full moon.  

Any slip-ups made will likely have severe ramifications for your choices and behaviour.  

Therefore, it is best to be extra cautious and evade any missteps during the Full moon to prevent any unfavourable repercussions.

Full Moon's Energy

It is often overlooked how potent the full moon’s energy can be, yet it’s a remarkable gift from the universe to help us accomplish our desires in a tranquil and effortless manner, instead of with distress and unease.

The full moon energy is ideal for wrapping up, reaping from or, reflecting on any projects or habits we started on the previous new moon, the previous week, month, or year.

The full moon symbolizes letting go of what no longer helps you – tidying up and purifying. 

With everything we need to know about the full moon’s energy effects on us, we can relate this information with the full moon’s energy in each astrology sign every month.  

We can choose to align with any or all of the full moon’s energy for the year and also plan and decide which Full Moon Rituals we will be performing, so we can be fully prepared. 

And, if we keep up with this habit, we will detect the transformation in our life.  We should be purposeful, devise well-considered plans, and then implement our operations to attain success.

Have fun and best of luck with the full moon’s energy!

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