What Is Spiritual Awakening – What Stage Are You?

What Is Spiritual Awakening – What Stage Are You?

Spiritual awakening is when you understand and acknowledge that all is one, oneness, you realise that you’re not separate to others, you are no different to me, different to others in other countries, cultures, religions, ages, weight or height.

We are all one.

Letting go of separateness or your ego and returning to one, returning to Awe. Awe means back to the source, back to god, back to that creative divinity that you recognize with yourself and with all sentient beings and non-sentient beings around you.

You can still see the separateness of others but your not recognizing it, you’re seeing past it.

Spirituality is the raising of consciousness, expanding your conscious beyond your ordinary consciousness. The ordinary consciousness is constantly fulfilling your survival needs only.

But your consciousness has many levels that go higher and higher and higher and from there you experience reality in a totally different way.

When you learn how to get to some of these stages you arrive at the AWE plain and you recognize the absolute truth as the oneness and realising there is a vast expansion out there which you will never discover all as it is infinite, never ends.

Understanding this oneness and living truly of this and spreading love and light to all. Seeing the Awe, which is ecstatic.

a spiritual awakening

Meaning of AWE and SENTIENT BEING.

The dictionary meaning of Awe says “it is an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God; in awe of great political figures.”

Awe is the feeling we get in the presence of something vast that challenges our understanding of the world.

The way I explain Awe is the feeling that you have when you look up at the millions stars in the sky, you envisage (what’s out there? what’s beyond out there?). You know that there are so many complex and wonderful things beyond earth, our universe.

When people feel awe, they may use other words to describe the experience, such as wonder, amazement, surprise, or transcendence.

Sentient being are beings with consciousness, sentience, or in some contexts’ life itself. Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness.

Take for example, you are the wave, and you are the ocean. The ability to maintain both separation and connection seems to indicate a different level of spiritual evolution.

Your unconscious needs to grow and expand, wake up spiritually so we are to our higher self then we have the higher vibration energies to your truths, love, beauty, wisdom, peace, strength and healing.

What Stage Of Spiritual Awakening Are You ?

1. Awakening

When you physically and mentally awake to realise that the chaos in your life is not serving you to your full potential. This usually happens with external triggers such as separation, divorce or pain.

Spontaneous awakening, which means you suddenly just wake up by yourself with no triggers. Just knowing you know of this and you need to do it for yourself. You tell yourself “there has to be more than this.”

You start searching for answers, asking more questions about everything, life, universe, and beyond and know that it is all one, we are all one, all the universes we can’t see, all that is out there, infinity is all one.

Personal growth on yourself by working out who you are, what do you want, and why are you here. Living your life the truest way.

If you realise you’re at this stage, you can refer to 10 Steps to Your Personal Journey.

I do recommend you to read on to show you the depth of what is needed and necessary in what is a spiritual awakening.

2. Dis-connection

Are you feeling disconnected from your husband, partner or other people or maybe the place where you live.

You may feel completely disconnected from Reality and then go into a state of depression and sadness. Also, the feeling of loneliness.

Sooner or later in life when this happens, your waking up to yourself by realising some people or places don’t serve you for your greater good. These situations can be very hard and stressful, it will help to stay calm. As your ego will be turn onto survival mode and will constantly be trying to fix things for you, convincing you that it’s not necessary and there’s nothing wrong. The ego, doesn’t like change and wants everything to stay normal or what your use to.

It feels like your at this stage, forever, but really, don’t stress, this struggle will only be temporary.

Once your energy disconnects from your old Reality your better of just to go with the flow, let it happen, time will make you realise, maybe this had to happen, this is what you needed to do and was the best thing for you to move forward.

We have to fully disconnect first before we align with the right connections.

The good thing is that it is temporary.

3. Connection

Once we live and breathe this we come alive, we feel connected with all and one with source.

Your perspective of people are changing, you accept them for who they are, nonjudgmental, they do and say things because it’s their right to do so, like ourselves.

Connection with the planet, cleaner living, stop wastage, buy only what’s necessary and maybe grow your on food to support or family and others in the community.

Connection to the other planets we know of and accept the fact that they have significant effects on our experiences.

Our hearts open up, we have beautiful emotions, joy and excitement.

We feel guided, our intuition kicks in at a higher level, we hear the messages and see the synchronicity of things that physically mean something to you.

When you are connected to your joyful presence, you attract support from the universe.

4. Dark Night of the Soul

This is when our soul brings up to the surface all things that you need to heal and release.

It could be beliefs that you have that need to change, but first heal them and release it and change them to your truest thoughts.

It is most probably be lessons we need to learn from this life or could be from a past lifetime, which your not aware of.

These situations that are weighing you down and holding you back. These are dense energies that need to be resolved.

You could feel depressed, a deep sense of meaningless, anxiety, or feeling lost. When something happens or you hear something and you start crying for no reason, your not sure why or for what reason but you can relate to it. Something needs fixing and circumstances keep happening because your just not getting the message or learning your lesson.

When your truly honest with yourself, you recognize this and it must be worked on, so you can be healed and release it forever – out of sight and out of mind.

dark night of the soul

“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed.”

Joseph Campbell

Letting go of your beliefs you have of yourself and attachments, like, you need this car, you need lots of money, you can’t do without something.

What do you really need? Do you need lots of possessions? Do you need a huge house with lots of rooms that you don’t use. Do you need that extra car, that’s causing you to be in debt?

This is very important to do, concentration is needed, take your time, do it properly and it will make a big difference for your mind, body and soul.

5. Take time out

Feeling disconnected? but your never disconnected with spirit, spirit is with you from day one to the last day.

You’re having a rest between the old self and the new self.

Being tired or exhausted is a natural feeling, but at peace as you’ve been working hard, you’ve been soul-searching.

Just starting with your authentic self, knowing yourself, the true you.

Knowing you can stand on your own two feet, you’re feeling that inner power.

The doors are closed around you, giving you that darkness (like nighttime) as the universe is saying you need this quiet time to rest, balance and work on your spiritually practices.

Imagine your in a dark room and need this well-earned rest before you emerge into the light as a lovely, renewed person.

It is necessary to accept this stage and take your time because you need it for your mind, body and soul.

Please don’t go full steam ahead yet as you haven’t finished, you still have more important work to do.

6. Making Your Foundation by Grounding

You are aware of your emotions and accept them. The times when you feel or circumstance come up that make you angry, depressed or sadness is noticed and you deal with it straight away.

Knowing your running away from things is not going to solve things, you are ready and you know can stand up for yourself. You know how to cope as you are much stronger now.

Your connections return, the oneness, understanding of other and re connection with earth.

Your living now with all the lesson you have learned, every day.

Grounding yourself with the truths and living by it.

Other ways of grounding yourself is being barefoot around the house, walking on lawn, sand or outside. Meditating with no shoes on and feet flat on the ground. Taking a short walk, barefoot on the beach. Breathing deeply and concentrating on your feet and having the feeling of them sinking into the floor. My favourite way is by getting a piece of black obsidian and meditation with it in my hand. Crystals are a easy way of helping you with any problems and while meditating as the engergy from any crystal amplifies the energy within you.

Digging your feet into the ground, feeling like you are growing roots. Like a tree, it is your foundation and growing up through your body upwards and out of the top of your head to the outer world and beyond.

You live with fulfillment as your energy within is more powerful and manifesting is easier and magnetic.

7. Spiritual Awakening Commitment

You commit to your souls path, you commit to following your souls path no matter what, your know longer are influenced by anything that happens in your life. You are not deterred from any situations or challenges that may lead you to go off your path.

The commitment to following your souls path as your soul reveals it to you.

Your a new person, grounded and powerful, you start living life better and with deep purpose.

Lifetime Experience of your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is not a one or two time things or once you’ve done it, that’s it, it’s ongoing throughout your whole life.

Stages in your spiritual awakening take different lengths of time to go through as everyone is unique.

Some steps can take months, sometimes years, it is different to everyone as you may know of this already and wasn’t ready to do anything and now you are or you could be absolutely new to this and something triggers you to do something. It also depends on the time spent or you allow yourself to have to work on it so please make the time for you.

There will be times you can’t do and other things takes preference but you need to combine it all as everything will be important but putting yourself is the most important. There will be times that you forget or don’t bother but when you do remember, do it straight away so you can move on with one step at a time. So you gradually get further into your spiritual awakening and rise to your full potential.

Throughout your awakening you will feel the light within your body and mind. The light within you glows from the inside and move to your outer self, so you naturally glow in your face, feel good and happy and will be noticeable. Be proud of yourself when you get to this stage as it ecstatic.

Write your answers in a note book, go out and buy an appealing notebook and start writing in it, so each time you sit and do some, you can continue where you left off. I do recommend writing it down on paper rather than typing in on a computer or phone, it is more personal. All your thoughts come flooding to you that you can’t write fast enough and you never know your pen could just start writing by itself. If that happens just let it, don’t be afraid just relax and let the pen write, this will definitely a sign of spiritual connection and is known as automatic writing.

Remember blessings come from challenges so continue on your spiritual awakening so that your life can be so much more, you will be happier and knowing your living a fulfilled life.

Also, you will be at peace with yourself, others around you and ready to face anything and everything will come to you in positive ways.

This is the greatest feeling you will ever experience.

Love and Light to you all (don’t forget to share your love and light).

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