Grounding Yourself Is Important and Everything You Need to Know

Grounding Yourself is becoming more important in life, the lifestyles we lead, acknowledging the changes you need to make for yourself and growing in all aspects for the better.

If you already like walking barefoot, walking on the beach or in touch with nature, likely, you will already be doing some grounding.

Do you know when your body needs some grounding? Do you know the benefits of doing regular or daily grounding?  

What is Grounding?

Grounding or grounding yourself is when you connect to the Earth energetically by your senses – touching, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting.

When we contact the Earth through grounding, we discharge excess energy because the Earth has a negative charge and therefore receives a healing effect at a cellular level.

When is Grounding needed?

Grounding should be practised daily or as many times a week. Then you will be prepared for any situations or circumstances that may arise in your daily life.  

Grounding yourself is usually needed when: you feel unfocused, unmotivated, drained, lethargic, indecisive, spaced out, feeling emotional, your ideas aren’t being implemented, out of place, you have no control, anxious, overthinking, and lack of sleep.

These symptoms are usually a regular everyday occurrence, so you can deal with anything by grounding yourself at a moment’s notice. 

Grounding is the easiest and best solution for staying on top of your mind, body and soul.

Why is Grounding Yourself good for you?

Grounding yourself helps you clear your mind, recharge your energy, calm your emotions and strengthen your intuition and instincts.

Grounding allows you to balance your physical, emotional, energy, and mental state. This intern brings feelings of peace and calm.

Things that are known and others I’ve read grounding helps with increasing healing speed; decreases pain; reduces inflammation and cortisol.

How to Ground Yourself

The list of how to ground yourself is very long, so I have just complied with my top 10 most effortless ways of grounding yourself.

You can download it or print it, place it where you will see it when you wake and add it to your morning routine.

You will see a noticeable change. 

Using Crystal for Grounding

I love my crystals, and they are an earth element and can assist with everything in life, mainly clearing any blockages.

Lay down, place your crystals on your root chakra and let the positive charges from the crystal flow into your root chakra. This will make you feel more centred, balanced and free from negativity.   Also, you more authentically own your power when you are grounded.

When choosing crystals to help you ground or balance yourself, trust your intuition, and touch them, if you feel any energy or vibes from them, then it has your name on it.

There are many crystals available with so many energies attached to them, but I’m going to mention the main crystals that I know, love and use myself.

The crystals for grounding I suggest include: 

Shungite – It’s particularly good to find a pyramid shape because it represents foundation, focus and stability.

Moss Agate – It’s like nature – mossy grass, also green, resonates with the heart, and therefore it has a nurturing energy.

Petrified Wood – This is known for transformation and gives the energy of acceptance and patience in the process of change. 

Bloodstone – Gives you the energy of reaching the root of a problem and helps you move forward. Also, it helps with overcoming worries in a relationship.

Red Jasper – This is the crystal for you if you need energy for stability, strength, stamina, and perseverance.

Tiger’s Eye – This energy helps to release fear, anxiety, harmony, and action. It helps with making decisions with your emotions but with discernment and understanding.

crystals for Grounding Yourself

Practice Stillness

Being still means doing nothing, quieting your mind, emptying your mind, thinking of nothing and simply being.

Find a place where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.

Relax your body either in a chair or lay down and close your eyes, breathe deeply and get quiet.

If for some reason you can’t sit still, other ways of being still are: watching a video of the ocean making small waves or lapping at the shore; watching a water feature; observing the plants or trees, birds any outside, etc.

Just be present and observe things without judgement. Feel what’s happening in your body. Does your heartbeat need to be slower? Then breathe deeper and focus on your breath, just be present.

practice stillness

From this place, learn and experience the stillness and peace within you.

Mastering non-judgement observation needs practice, and when you feel the peace it gives you, you will want to feel it regularly.

Grounding Visualization Exercise

You can choose any on YouTube, I listen to Earth Grounding, but it’s up to you, and I suggest trying different meditations to find the right one for you.

Having a couple downloaded already or quickly accessible, you’re sure to do it regularly and at a moment’s notice when you have time.

The next step to grounding yourself is finding a quiet place without distractions.

Then you’re ready to go, and afterwards, you will be grounded.

It’s as easy as that. Nothing to it, but like everything, it takes discipline to take the time to do it.  

So, please do it for yourself!

Listen to Nature Sounds for 5 minutes, with attention to breathing.

Try listening to these Nature Sounds. You can find some yourself, but for the moment, listen to this one and find out how you feel afterwards. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t forget to – Relax, deep breaths through your nostrils, no thinking, empty your head, and only listen to the sounds. 

Open your eyes slowly. Do you feel lighter? Feel at peace?

Nature Sounds

Knowing this feeling, wouldn’t you want to feel this all the time?   No matter what’s happening in your life, you can, and at any time, you just got to do it and make your mind and body feel lighter and peaceful. 

Go through life by feeling, only do things that make you feel this way, but if it doesn’t, it’s not meant to be, and something else is better out there for you.

Grounding yourself is quickly done, so when in a stressful situation – give yourself 5. Excuse yourself from any situation, ground yourself for 5 minutes, then go back, deal with it rationally, and go with the flow.

When dealing with situations like this, it’s most likely the outcome is so much better.

I can’t emphasise enough how excellent grounding yourself feels and the benefits for your mind, body and soul.

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