Your Personal Journey – 10 Steps to Transforming Quality Of Life

Your Personal Journey – 10 Steps to Transforming Quality Of Life

At different stages of our lives we realise that situations and circumstance are not working out.

Then realising that self work is necessary to  improve your situations in life for the better.

Working on your issues and healing your mind, body and soul are the ways to improve your life.

This Personal Journey is unique to you, so its necessary to be honest with yourself.  

Read the 10 steps to Start Your Personal Journey for the transformation for quality of life.       your personal journey

You need some quality time for yourself.

Allowing you to explore your life journey so far so you can heal, grow and evolve.

Take your time with each step and write down your thoughts.

1. Acknowledgement
Is Needed 

The hardest part of being self-aware is accepting that you have problems within yourself and chaos in your life.

Start bringing your undivided attention to yourself.  

Be keen to understand every barrier that comes to your mind.  

Try to track what goes in your mind when you find it difficult to move forward. 

What are the voices in your head restricting you from?

Those voices and thoughts in reality are just you, limiting yourself from unleashing your full potential.

Immediately bring your attention to that voice, that thought, acknowledge it, listen to it and work on changing it.

These sub-conscious thoughts dim away the moment you are aware and attentive of it.

You need to learn new ways for improving your life and transforming for a quality of life.

Once that’s done, acting upon it is just a few steps away.

2. Forget Blame

Holding others or yourself responsible for your restlessness or troubles will only cause you more pain.  

Putting blame on yourself or others is an excuse for denying responsibilities.

Accept the fact, what’s done is done, let it go to move forward.

The extent to which you can start achieving your dreams depends on your effort to let go of the past and look forward.

So take charge of your life because you and only you are in control of it.

3. Accept Your

Accepting your fate is crucial step towards the life you want for yourself.

Your talents, your charisma, as well as your problems are completely unique to yourself.

The void that keeps you down, the chaos that fills your head, will all be gone when you accept your placement you are in, at this moment in your life.

Accept and embrace what life has given you and now has to offer.

This acceptance is one of the major steps to healing your mind, body and soul.

“When you accept yourself, you are free from the need of others to accept you”

4. Move Forwards

Make the decision to Move forwards and don’t look back.

The barriers in the way are just noises that will change by a positive attitude and reactions.

Your goals are bigger than your problems and issues.

It is important to give yourself the time to breathe, reflect and decide where you want to be in life and want will make you truly happy.

So unwind and let go of the void that fills your mind, release the negativity of the past and going forward with strong faith and resilience.

Planning the journey of your life will take you where you want to be in working out the ways to improve your life.

path to the light
path with flowers
going forward

Which ever path you decide to take, they will all lead you in the same direction, forward.

5. Love Yourself

Care, appreciate and Love Yourself.

You are home to all your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

How you treat yourself is reflected on the life you can create for yourself.

So Listen to your mind, body and soul.

Try to give them what they need to be nourished and healthy.

smell some roses

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, feed your soul with hope and free your conscience with meditation

Love yourself, your self-esteem as self love will result in healing your wounds that are hidden inside of you.

A nourished soul and eased mind will give you power to take charge of everything in your life.

So love yourself, knowing that you matter, know your worth and value, appreciate life and everything else is bound to fall into place.

6. Pick Yourself Up

Pick yourself up straight away when your feeling down.

From time to time, you will feel a bit low, maybe a little stressed or overwhelmed.

It’s okay to feel heavy hearted and weary sometimes.

Do not fixate on any negative thoughts or feelings, work out a way to let it go.

In time like this, think of your goals and aspirations and positive thoughts.

Overcome it through treating yourself, surround yourself with the things that give you hope and do something that puts a smile on your face.

You need to pick yourself up straight away, release the weight that you’re holding and start working towards your goals.

full moon

7. Be Happy

The key to happiness is within you, accepting where you are in life and making the most of everything you do.

In pursuit of achieving your goals, do not set aside your happiness. smile it's free

Happiness is a choice and is a major way of improving your life,

The best time to be happy in now, in the present.
You deserve to be happy.
Put a smile on your face, today.

8. Make life Simple

For some of us, we just seem to complicate things for no reason at all.

There is always a simple and straightforward approach for everything.

Consider the hurdles you face as a challenge , and overcome them at your own pace.

Small steps, one at a time, not everything all in once otherwise you will be in the same position as you started.

Simplicity and ease are the key indicators of a fruitful life.

9. Attributes Needed

Strength, willpower, confidence and being positive are all attributes you need.

Your dreams and aspirations will require plenty of effort and hard work.

However, most of this effort comes from your willpower to stay focused on your goals.

The strength to remain resilient and determined comes from your willpower.

Radiate positive energy within yourself by focusing on the road to your dreams.

Confidence is inevitably yours when you have the willingness to reach your goals.

Combine all these attributes within yourself and you will be destine to succeed in life.

Have that happier and fulfilled life that you truly deserve.

10. Don’t Give Up

Resilience is key.  There is no guarantee that the pursuit to your dreams will be smooth.

You have to work hard and have persistence in order to emerge as a winner.

Push your potential to its utmost limit and you will find new horizons of potentials within yourself.

As our lives are forever changing, working on your personal journey will always be on-going, but in time it becomes much easier.

Never stop trying and never stop believing.

“When you accept yourself, you are free from the need of others to accept you”

 Your Personal Journey 

It’s time to free yourself of the energies that are holding you hostage, anger, resentment, frustration, remorse, guilt or hatred.

Either you need to forgive somebody or an experience in your life or maybe forgive yourself for your past judgements.

Until now life has been a big learning curve and need to straighten things up for the better.

The fact that you feel guilty, carry remorse or can see that you could have handled the situation differently or done things in the past.

This acknowledgement  means your’e growing, you have worked it out and have evolved and now it’s time to forgive yourself and let it all go.  

From time to time, you may slip into your old habits or thought patterns, that okay, acknowledge it and just start again.

It doesn’t matter how many times you start as long as you keep going.

Your personal journey is always a work in progress in your life, as our lives are forever changing, but in time it life will become easier.

When we work on seeing the light within ourselves, our outer body will start shining brighter.  

We seem to be more positive, we radiate with confidence, we have more higher energy within us, when this is achieved we open ourselves to new and different experiences and things we want and need, naturally come to us.  


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6 thoughts on “Your Personal Journey – 10 Steps to Transforming Quality Of Life

  1. I especially love #8: Make life simple. As young people we often think that our value is in the things we possess, especially if someone else can see it, like big cars and big houses.
    When we decided to emigrate to another country, I had to throw away a lot of stuff (I didn’t throw it away in the garbage of course, but made sure other people could use it). What a relief not to have to carry around so much stuff anymore.
    Good article, and the other 9 points are good advice as well, not just #8 of course. 🙂

  2. Hey,

    I’m so pleased that I came across this article as I believe you can help so many people with this, and that they can relate to you. I share a similar message through the work I do in leadership, personal growth and influence, and a journey is definitely what we are on. This is not a sprint, it is a very long marathon. I love how you end your ten steps with “Don’t Give Up”. It is definitely the most important step because if we give up then all the hard work we have done will be lost. The journey will be extremely difficult at times, but it is absolutely essential to not give up if we want to reach our goals and dreams.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up your amazing work.

    All the best,


  3. I loved reading this list of transforming life. To be honest, I’ve not seen some of these ideas before such as, simplifying your life: I think this is a main one for me. I tend to take too much on and end up getting stressed, which is really not worth it.

    I’m glad I’ve landed on your site to learn all these awesome ideas for improving physically and mentally.

    Thank you

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